10 Most Profitable Franchise Business 


Many business owners prefer to start a business with an already established and well-known brand in the market. You must have seen many outlets of a particular brand in various different places, for example; McDonalds is found in almost every state, city, or even every locality. This is the concept and power of franchising, which gives entrepreneurs or business owners an opportunity to promote and showcase an established brand as their own business and earn profits from the same.

According to its literal definition, ‘Franchise is an arrangement in which a company sells another business the right to sell its products or services in return for a decided payment.’ In a Franchise business, the major benefit goes to the franchisor, as he or she has their own business outlet in a different region through a different business owner. As for a franchisee, the owner gets to keep profits from a developed brand.

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Top 10 Most Profitable Franchise Business

There are many Franchise options available in the market. The Franchise model is beneficial for many businesses, and hence many of them have opted for this model to expand their business. As a future Franchisee, it is important to select the right franchising of a brand, as your profits would highly depend on the brand you select. Let us have a look at the 10 most profitable and well-known franchise businesses.

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1. Giani’s 

One of the well-known and branded ice-cream parlors in the world. Gianis’s was founded by Giani Gurucharan Singh in the year 1956. Since then, the brand has been attracting the tastes of many ice-cream lovers, all across the country. It started with only two of the variants, rabri faluda, and mango shake, slowly increasing their range and thus accounting as profitable for many business owners today.

2. DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd

There is a huge need for couriers today, leading to the opening of so many outlets of DTDC Courier and Cargo ltd. DTDC has taken the franchise business in courier services to a different level. They started their services in Bangalore and today they own more than 1000 franchise outlets all across the country. It is also one of the well-known and trusted brands in the courier industry, thereby giving business owners or franchisees an opportunity to earn more.

3. Lenskart

Talk about fast growth and brand name, and the name Lenskart appears right away. Lenskart was founded in the year 2010, and since then it has just taken a few years for them to reach a competitive level and create their own name. As being one of the leading eyewear brands in India, Lenskart has more than 350 + outlets, all across the country. Their major planning is to reach a number of more than 500, and thus it can be profitable for business owners to opt for their franchisee.

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4. Patanjali

The name needs no introduction; we have all heard or used the products of Patanjali. Founded in the year 2006, by Baba Ramdev, it has become one of the most profitable and growing brand names in the sector of FMCG. Initially, the focus of Patanjali was only on Ayurvedic products but slowly after good results, they have expanded to all the products belonging to the FMCG sector. This business can turn out to be profitable for business owners who are looking for a franchise of a good brand.

5. Dominos 

Dominos is the first name that pops up in our head on the mention of Pizzas. With a brand value on an international level and providing the best quality in the field, Dominos has too many outlets all across the countries. Dominos has its presence in more than 70 countries in the world. It is one of the most successful and profitable ventures for business owners who have its franchise. Taking Dominos’ franchise might turn out to be a very important decision for you, only if you choose the right location or area for your business venture.

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6. Dr. Batra’s Clinic

Considering a Franchise from a different industry, we have Dr. Batra’s clinic that belongs to the health care field. With more than 150 clinics all over the country and a presence in more than 5 countries, Dr Batra’s clinic is one of the leading brands in the healthcare sector. You can choose this as your franchise if you are looking for the healthcare industry.

7. Amul

Another brand that needs no introduction, Amul is probably the world’s best and preferred choice when it comes to ice-cream. The best part for the franchisee of Amul is that the investment is quite lower, and you do not have to worry about the marketing of the brand, as almost everyone knows and has tried Amul Ice-creams.

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8. Café Coffee Day

Many prefer the taste of Coffee on their ongoing day, and apart from Starbucks, Café Coffee Day or commonly known as CCD is the only and preferred option that people choose. It is a profitable business to go for, especially in the areas where there are less or no CCD’s nearby. The investment may be a little higher but it is worth the brand value.

9. Jawed Habib

Once again choosing a brand from another industry than the above examples, we have Jawed Habib, a brand dealing in the salon industry. It is a well-known Indian brand with its branches in more than 80 cities and 20 states. Many people prefer the above brand for salon-related work.

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10. Subway

Subway is an American brand offering delicious sandwiches and salads, with a variety of flavours and types. It has its presence in more than 50 countries and with outlets almost close to 50,000. While it is a foreign brand, it is running profitably in India, in terms of taste. It is a valuable option to choose for a franchise business.


Starting a business by showcasing the product of a reputed brand requires you to have a franchise of the same. Some of the most profitable franchise businesses are Subway, Dr. Batra’s Clinic, Giani’s, Dominos, DTDC, Café Coffee Day, Lenskart, Patanjali, Jawed Habib.

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