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Blaze Pizza Franchise It’s an American chain of fast-casual pizza stores. It’s a modern style freshest ingredients pizza brand providing signature pizzas and other food products. It has a unique experience of serving custom-made wood-fired pizza. Its wood-fired concept makes it a unique brand and they take pride in formulating the freshest ingredients and delivering its food items in eco-friendly packaging. This California-based dining restaurant chain is growing and at present, they are operating 300+ locations in the United States and other parts of the world.

This nation’s leading fast-casual pizza franchise was founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel Headquartered in Los Angeles. They gained attention after operating 300+ units in about 10 years. Its restaurants are located across 38 states and 6 countries. This highest-standard pizza industry requires passionate and determined owners.

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With its expansion, its new locations are under development and are looking for experienced partners who are passionate about its Multi-Unit operations.

Growing Brand: its locations are growing rapidly and are providing opportunities for passionate owners.

Training: they benefit from outstanding training programs to carry out a successful business system. They provide On-The-Job training of 75 hours and Classroom training of 5 hours.

Support: they provide support to their franchisees at every step, it’s expert ongoing support like online, grand opening, site selection, and much other support that help franchisees become successful.

Marketing Support: They provide several marketing support systems like Co-op Advertising, Ad Templates, National Media, Regional Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs/App, and much more.


Here is the list of Blaze Pizza franchise requirements that one must know before opening its franchise.

  • Initial Franchise Fee of $30,000
  • Net Worth Requirement of $500,000
  • Cash Requirement of $300,000
  • 5% of the Royalty Fee
  • 2% of Ad Royalty Fee
  • 10 years Term Agreement 


The total investment necessary for Blaze Pizza Franchise ranges from $624,000 to $1,106,500. Following are the types of investments and their costs to launch the franchise.

  • Initial Franchise Fee of $30,000 to $30,000
  • Architect/Engineer $15,000 to $22,500
  • Permits and Liquor Licensing $5,000 to $25,000
  • Leasehold Improvements of $275,000 to $475,000
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, and Decor $185,000 to $300,000
  • Signage and Graphics $20,000 to $34,500
  • Grand Opening Kit, Menu Boards $4,900 to $5,500
  • Computer Equipment & Information/POS Systems $22,000 to $35,000
  • Uniforms, Initial Inventory, and Smallware $24,000 to $41,500
  • Opening Advertising $10,000 to $30,000
  • Grand Opening Fee Pizzas $0 to $6,000
  • Insurance Deposits of $500 to $5,000
  • First Month’s Rent/Security Deposit of $3,000 to $24,000
  • Initial Training Expenses $5,000 to $7,500
  • Professional Fees of $5,000 to $15,000
  • Additional Funds for 3 Months $20,000 to $45,000
  • Total Estimated Initial Investment $624,400 to $1,106,500

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Its franchise owner can make around $42,896 to $234,915 per year. The following data can give you a view of its franchise Profit. Blaze Pizza Traditional franchise locations report the average, median, and high gross sales per its last FDD. Based on 252 Restaurants.

  • Average Gross Sales:  $1,158,073
  • Number and Percentage of Restaurants  Surpassed the Average:  108 (43%)
  • Median Gross Sales:  $1,102,616
  • High Gross Sales:  $2,853,608.

Blaze Pizza B. Mall Storefront Franchised locations report the average, median, and high gross sales per its last FDD. Based on 17 Restaurants.

  • Average Gross Sales:  $1,029,360
  • Number and Percentage of Restaurants That Surpassed the Average:  6 (35%)
  • Median Gross Sales:  $1,004,756
  • High Gross Sales:  $1,645,877


  • Company store retail sales of $13,537,470
  • Royalty revenue, franchise fees, and other Advertising fees and related income  $19,510,742
  • Advertising fees and related income $ 6,712,755
  • Total revenues $39,760,967

Net Income

  •  Income from Operations $1,703,196
  • Other Income — Income from equity method
  • investment of $138,050
  • Net Income $(1,565,146)


Blaze Pizza Menu has been classified into Picked For You, 11-Inch Pizzas, Take Two, Large Pizzas, Digital Deals, and much more.

Picked For You: Build Your Own Pizza (11-inch), Cheesy Bread, Build Your Own Pizza (Large), Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread, Build Your Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice Of Side.

11-Inch Pizzas: Build Your Own Pizza (11-Inch), Art Lover (11-Inch), Hot Link (11-Inch), BBQ CHKN (11-Inch), White Top (11-Inch), Veg Out (11-Inch), Red Vine (11-Inch), Green Stripe (11-Inch), Meat Eater (11-Inch), 2 Top Pizza (11-Inch), 1 Top Pizza (11-Inch), Simple Pie (11-Inch).

Take Two: BBQ Chicken Half 11-Inch Pizza +Choice of Side, Green Stripe Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side, Meat Eater Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side, Red Vine Half 11-Inch Pizza +Choice of Side, Art Lover 11-Inch Pizza +Choice of Side, Veg Out Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side, Hot Link Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side, White Top Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side, Cheesy Bread + Choice of Side, Pesto Garlic Cheese Bread + Choice of Side, Build Your Half 11-Inch Pizza + Choice of Side.

Large Pizzas: Build Your Own Pizza (Large), Meat Eater (Large), Art Lover (Large), Green Stripe (Large), Red Vine (Large), White Top (Large), BBQ CHKN (Large), Hot Link (Large), Veg Out (Large), 3 Top Pizza (Large), 2 Top Pizza (Large), 1 Top Pizza (Large), Simple Pie (Large).

Digital Deals: Cheesy Bread Bundle, One Large 1-Top Pizza, Two Large 2-Top Pizzas.

Cheesy Breads & Salads: Side Salad, Entree Salad, Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread, Cheesy Bread.

Drinks And Dessert: Bottled Water, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Coke Bottle (20oz/591ml), Diet Coke Bottle (20oz/591ml), Sprite Bottle (20oz/591ml).

Desserts: S’more Pie,  Chocolate Brownie Brushed With Olive Oil.


In the USA its topmost locations are found in these below-mentioned places.

California with 96 stores for every 411,583 people, which is about 32% of its total locations.

Florida has 25 stores for every 859,120 people, which is about 8% of its total locations.

Texas has 19 stores for every 1,526,105 people, which is about 6% of its total locations.

North Carolina has 13 stores for 10 million people which is about 4% of its total locations.

Nevada has 12 stores for 3 million people which is about 4% of its total locations.


Initial Introduction: to start with Blaze pizza franchise you need to fill out its short form on its website. Fill out the form telling about yourself and your interests. Once you are done submitting it, the time they will receive your form they will get in touch with you.

Introductory Call: now you will get an introductory call from its team. Here you can ask them any question related to its franchise ownership, support system, and more. They will also ask questions To make sure you are ideal for franchising. 

FDD Review: to know more, review its FDD, if you have some questions while reviewing its FDD they are available to answer any of your questions.

Second Call: once you are done with reviewing, they will get connected to you and answer your remaining questions.

Due Diligence: if you want to get a better understanding of  Blaze Pizza, this step will help you to drive deeper with its operations team and its franchisee community.

Discovery Day: on Discover Day you will hear directly from its leadership about how to get started and what the future holds.

Sign Agreement: sign its franchise agreement and become officially a part of Blaze Pizza. They will help you in finding a perfect location and will train you.

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This low-investment franchise has a high rate of success, with unique modules and support. They are passionate about building successful businesses by providing opportunities to new talent.

Its customized pizza in just 3 minutes and the refreshing menu of other food products is making it a hub for foodies. It’s the healthiest option for entrepreneurs in 2023.


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