How to Start a Glass Cleaning Liquid Business?


With the developed need for improving the standard of living of people, need for maintaining a hygienic lifestyle, choice of ensuring cleanliness and keeping the household space tidy, the need for surface cleaning liquid in India has been dominating the liquid household product market with a CAGR of more than 26% since the past couple of years.

Among these liquid household products like toilet cleaners, utensil cleaner, surface cleaners etc. the demand for Glass Cleaning liquid Manufacturing Business has been driven the most with its market share growing at a CAGR of 5% annually.

Moreover, when thrown a light on its applications, it’s not just limited as a household cleaner but also has its implementation spread across industries, commercial stores, hospitality sector etc. As a product important in keeping its surroundings presentable and clean.

Thereby giving you more than just reasons to get your hands on this Glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business.

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Market potential and uses

The market potential for a glass cleaning liquid is vast because of its properties of ensuring exact cleanliness of a glass surface and the affordability it comes.

A glass cleaning liquid is a spray and wipe kind of solvent which is used to clean and wash glasses of various kinds: laminates, dashboard, appliances and painted surfaces etc.

Moreover, its properties of helping you get rid of those stubborn grim, grease and stains involving dirt, oil, coffee and juice stains etc. because of its ammonia content has broadened its implementation across sectors more than just households thereby expanding its potential.

It can be defined in the following context.

On the basis of the surfaces its used on

  • Mirrors
  • Tempered glasses
  • Laminated glasses
  • Heat strengthened glasses
  • Annealed glasses
  • Painted glasses

On the basis of Uses of glass cleaning liquid on these surfaces :

  • To get rid of dirt
  • Grease
  • Grim
  • Oil
  • Coffee stains
  • Juice stains

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Licenses required

The licenses required to run this business are :

  • MSME under Udyog Aadhar
  • NOC by state pollution control board
  • GST registration

Investment required

The investment required to set up a glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business is INR 1 Lakhs.


The profits made from this glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business is INR 50000- INR 70000 per month.

Target consumers

The target consumers for this glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business are as follows :

Households: These require using the glass cleaning liquid for the purpose of cleaning drinking glasses, mirrors, windows, doors, partitions, glass table, show pieces for a routine purpose.

Hotels and restaurants: These make use of this liquid for the purpose of cleaning the stains and finger prints of the glass surface to make it look more appealing and I tidy.

Hospitals and clinics: The hospitals and clinics make use of these glass liquid also because of its disinfectant properties and also to maintain the hygiene conditions.

Spas and salons: The spas and salons make use of these glass cleaning liquid to get spot free and stainless glasses,

Auto industry: The automobile industries makes use of this liquid to clean all the rare view glass parts, windshields etc. To ensure maximum visibility.

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Area required

The area required to set up a glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business is 300 sq. ft.

Raw materials required

The raw materials required for a glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business are :

  • G.C concentrate
  • DM water (distilled)
  • Stir rod
  • Empty jar

Machinery required

The machinery required for manufacturing a glass cleaning liquid business is :

  • Chemical mixer
  • Packaging machine
  • Liquid disposal machine
  • Cooler

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Manpower required

The manpower required to set up this glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business :

  • 1-skilled labor
  • 1-unskilled labor

Moreover, adequate training in terms of the following must also be provided to these labors :

  • Machinery usage
  • Equipment handling
  • Safety and precaution measures

Business model and growth

The business model of a glass cleaning liquid can be defined using these 4 variants :

Value proposition: The value which this glass cleaning liquid is likely to provide to you is:

  • Higher demand from all classes of income because of its affordability.

  • Remains unaffected by any economical, political constraints because of its increasing need in maintaining a hygienic environment among various sectors.

Target consumers: The target consumers for this product are the entire household population of this country and besides them the target consumers are :

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Spas and salons
  • Auto industry
  • Airports, shopping malls

Competitor review: The few competitors in this business are as follows :

  • 3M
  • Colin
  • Clean mate

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that can be implemented for your glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business are as follows :

  • Sales promotional measures: Trade discounts, bulk discounts, cash discounts.

  • Print media advertisements: Justifying the quality of liquid cleaners using R&D certification etc.


The glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business has the potential and has witnessed the following growth prospects :

  • The surface cleaning market of India has been expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% till 2025.

  • Moreover, with the growing working-class population in India and busy work schedule the ease of using glass cleaning liquid for cleaning purposes at affordable prices is coming of awareness among people.
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The profit margin which a glass cleaning liquid manufacturing business is likely to yield is 50%-70%.


Now that you don’t have to stress about keeping your glasses clean let’s keep you busy earning profits from this business :

  • Firstly, the wide and essential use of this product is spread across all the sectors ranging from household to aviation, showcasing a huge demand.

  • Secondly, the availability of raw materials, labor intensive cost advantage and minimal investment ensures high rate of return, annually.

  • Lastly, because of a larger target market and widespread applications the competition in this business.

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