How to Start Hand Sanitizer Business ?

Due to Covid-19, there is a massive increase in demand for Hand Sanitizer Business, because washing hands with Alcohol based Sanitizer kills the virus almost instantly. With the soaring demand for the Sanitizer, the supply should also meet the demand. Right now, the supply Is not meeting the requirement hence Starting a Sanitizer business is highly profitable.

Starting a Hand Sanitizer Business Is very easy since we don’t need any labs, huge coolers, heaters, etc. one can easily prepare hand sanitizer at home with less investment, based on WHO guidelines we can sell it on the market for demand price and make profits.

You Should know the Following Important points before starting a Hand Sanitizer Business:

  • To kill the virus, the alcohol content should be higher than 90% for hand sanitizer.

  • The water we use in this process should be distilled water, if you don’t have distilled water we can heat the water and cool it for some time and can use it.

  • The glycerin we’re using in this process must be pure, I.e., 98%.

  • Should buy the required ingredients from the trusted medical shops or online sellers.
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Step by step process

We should follow the WHO Guidelines to prepare hand sanitizer. Following points are given by the WHO to make hand sanitizer:

1.     Rubbing Alcohol (99%) – 2/3rd of a cup.

2.     Aloe Vera gel – 1/3rd of a cup.

3.     Essential Oil (8-10 drops).

We should add all the ingredients mentioned above inside the container and mix thoroughly using a spoon. The mixture should be completely smooth. If the mixture is thin, adding some Aloe Vera will make it thick. If the mixture is thick, adding some alcohol will make it thin.

We should always maintain 2:1 proportions of alcohol and aloe vera since Alcohol may damage our skin, to prevent the damage of the Alcohol we have to use aloe Vera by mixing the required proportions of Alcohol with aloe vera, we will get the alcohol percentage of 60%, which is the minimum recommended by WHO to kill the germs.

The following safety precautions to be taken while preparing the hand sanitizer:

  • You should wash the hands thoroughly.

  • Spoon, container, etc. and the remaining apparatus should be washed thoroughly.

  • The place you are using to prepare hand sanitizer should be neat, clean, and dust-free.

  • Alcohol you’re using should not be diluted.

  • Make sure you’re not touching the mixture with your bare hands until the mix is fully ready.
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License Required

1. Basic Company registration (Best is Pvt. Ltd company with two directors)

2. GST Registration with MSME.

3. FDA License.

4. Should follow Fire safety rules given by the government.

Market Potential for Hand sanitizer business:

Demand for Sanitizer is soaring after the co-vid 19 pandemic, it’s very effective in killing the germs, and we can make profits margins between 40% – 60%.

  • It’s very effective over regular soaps
  • It’s used in places where there is water scarcity.
  • It is used to prevent transmission of infection.

Investment & Profits

We can start hand sanitizer business with very less investment from INR (10,000 to 1 lack), you can sell with excellent profits since the market demand for the sanitizers is very high.

Marketing for Hand sanitizer business:

We can sell the hand sanitizers to the following locations:

  • Households
  • Pharmacies & Medicine Shops
  • Hospitals & Health Centers
  • Quarantine Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hostels
  • Government Offices
  • Markets
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Laundries
  • And many more.

You can do marketing by:

1. Creating a website and start promoting in Social media channels

2.  Selling in Amazon & Flipkart and various other e-commerce platforms

3. Giving free samples to local areas or clinics.

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Final Words

Is DIY Hand sanitizer making safe? 

Yes, it’s completely safe if you prepare it according to WHO Guidelines, although it’s advised to take expert guidance at first to not to make any mistakes.

StartupYo will connect you with the hand sanitizer maker expertise and guide you to take necessary licenses and raw materials and give marketing guidance.

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