How to Start Dosa Plaza Franchise in India ?


Indians are known for the love they bore towards all the varieties and types of food items or cuisines that are available in the country. One such cuisine that is very popular all across the country is the South Indian dishes. And when we say south Indian, the first food item that comes to everyone’s mind is Dosa. Dosa is a south Indian cuisine item that is the most desired item for many food lovers. If we’re talking about Dosa the brand that stands at the pinnacle is Dosa Plaza Franchise.

For people who absolutely savour Dosa’, Dosa Plaza would be a very familiar name for them. Established in the year 1998, Dosa Plaza is a food outlet chain that started its operations in Maharashtra. With its unique ideas and varieties of Dosa, the brand soon reached various heights and attracted a huge customer base very easily. Today, the brand has its presence in almost all the states of the country, in fact, it even has an international presence and plans to set a mark in the international markets as well, such is the vision and the credibility of Dosa Plaza which adds a lot to its brand value.

The brand has its own plans to set up 15 Franchise outlets every year in India and its menu keeps on adding at each point. It is said that the brand serves more than 120 + types of Dosa’ in their outlet, which has caught the attention of many customers. The brand also has around 20 + types of Dosa patented under their own name, this is the very reason that has transpired the name and fame of the food chain all across the country and enticed the customer to try out their Dosa.

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Every brand has its own pros and cons in the market which every Franchise unit holder must be aware about. Dosa Plaza, although a very known brand in its sector, has various other unique selling points that have contributed to its success so far. The various advantages of\ Starting Dosa Plaza Franchise are given as follows.

  • Every brand is known for the quality of the food they serve and for their service. However, the key role is played by the menu or the variety of items that the brand serves to its customer. Dosa Plaza has a huge menu to offer to its customer with more than 107 types of exotic Dosa, they basically rule the sector in which they are performing. A customer is overwhelmed with so many different varieties, that the retention ratio stays very high.
  • As mentioned earlier, the brand has more than 27 types or varieties of Dosa that are patented in their own name. It is very unusual for a brand to have its food items being patented in its name. Dosa Plaza, being a brand that has been in the industry since more than 20 years, has basically dominated the market and left customers with wonder as for how would the patented Dosa would taste like, this gives a very clear edged advantage to Franchise unit holders.
  • Competition is always important in any line of business, it decides the success or the failure of a business. However, in the case of Dosa Plaza, there is no credible competitor that is operating on the same level as Dosa Plaza is and hence there is no giant or strong company in your competition. This ensures the retention of all the customers in terms of strength rather than losing a few to any competitor, which is another advantage.
  • The brand offers two different types of business models that one can avail and take advantage of. Apart from that, the brand also supplies all the necessary equipment and guides the Franchise outlet owner throughout the entire process at any point of time with management support and guidance. This helps every interested candidate to know that they have the back of the brand itself, even if it is pre-launch or post-launch assistance.

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Investment Required

As mentioned earlier, Dosa Plaza offers two different types of business model that the individual can avail for acquiring the Franchise of the same. They offer a Food court express model and Dining restaurant model, each with its own advantage. The investment required for starting with a food court express model is between 25 to 30 lakhs, a franchise fee of 8 lakhs is charged. As for the Dining Restaurant model, the investment ranges between 55 to 60 lakhs INR, the franchise fee charged is for around 12 Lakhs INR. Hence, depending on the model that is being chosen by the
candidate the investment amount would vary. However, irrespective of the model chosen, the royalty fee remains around 8%.

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As the brand has different types of models, there are different requirements and guidelines for every model that one needs to be aware of before acquiring the franchise or approaching the
brand representative. The various requirements are as follows,

  • The minimum area required for starting Dosa Plaza Franchise outlet would differ as per the type of model chosen. For Food court express franchise model, the minimum area required is between 400 to 500 sq. ft. As for dining restaurant, the minimum area required ranges between 1000 to 1500 sq. ft.
  • There is no special qualification or experience required to acquire the franchise of Dosa Plaza.
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Application Process

The recommended and easiest way would be to visit the official website of Dosa Plaza and apply for the Franchise. Once you visit their website, you need to click on the ‘Franchise’ tab. On clicking the tab, you would be presented with an application form, you must fill the form with the details asked. On submitting the form, you would be contacted by the staff of Dosa Plaza within a few days and if eligible the process would move further. The official website of Dosa Plaza is mentioned as follows,


Is there any royalty fee asked by the brand?

Does the investment made covers all the infrastructure and the equipment?

Does both type of model give access to serve all 107 types of Dosa?

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