How to Start Popeyes Franchise In USA ?


Popeyes Franchise is an American based quick service chicken company chain. Popeyes Franchise provides a limited menu of lunch and dinner products and at some locations offers breakfast products as well. Their business is based on quick service of fast-food. Their business is not only about serving fast food  but they also focus on quality of the food and finding the best talent to extend their Louisiana roots to the rest of North America. This American based fried chicken franchise company with 2,885 units offers freshest and high quality fried chicken from years.

The story of “Popeyes Franchise” started in 1972 under the name of “Chicken and Run” in New Orleans, LA. Popeyes has a great history and culinary tradition. Its owner Al Copeland introduced American society with a relatively new item of fried chicken. In 1976, Copeland started franchising from LA. In 2020, Popeyes had 3,451 restaurants and in 2021, 2736 locations were franchised in the US. Its headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, United States. 

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Popeyes Franchise is a business that is full of benefits, they will benefit your business in many profitable ways. It’s not only about starting a business but they come up with strategies that will help you in making it successful. They provide you opportunities to be a part of the community. They help you to build good relationships with customers by serving them in a friendly manner. Popeyes benefits your fast-food business in many ways.

  • They support regional operations and marketing. 
  •  They benefit a franchisor in selecting a site, developing outlet, design and construction.
  •  Another benefit is that it trains new restaurants that are specialized and dedicated.  
  • They currently provide multi-unit options. 
  • They provide standardized design concepts like freestanding, endcap, inline, malls, walk-up and so on. 
  • They provide multi-unit opportunities. 
  • They provide world class support and come up with progressive techniques.
  • They help through the process of ownership, development and operations.


In order to open Popeyes Franchise you need to keep certain requirements in consideration. For an In-Line or Free Standing Restaurant you need to pay an initial fee of $50,000 and for a Delivery Restaurant it’s $2,500. Popeyes is looking for franchisees with

  • A business experience. 
  • Expert in operating restaurants. 
  • Serious and committed.
Fees/Expenses Dollar Amount 
Liquid capital$250,000
Net worth$1,000,000
Initial Franchise Free$50,000
Initial total investment $383,500 – $2,620,800

Popeyes Franchise Cost

To buy a franchise with Popeyes the upfront fee that needs to be settled down before opening a Popeyes Franchise ranges from $2,500 to $50,000. It is estimated that the beginning operation of Popeyes Franchise  ranges from $109,500 to $3,545,800. The given table will show low – high upfront costs, initial investment and initial fee that needs to be settled down before launching Popeyes Franchise.

Name of FeeLowHigh
Franchise Fee $2,500$50,000
Real Estate & Improvements VariableVariable 
Soft costs$1,000$400,000
Site work$2,500$650,000
Building $0$1,600,000
FF&E Signage & Technology $75,000$700,000
Initial Training $17,200$24,200
Opening Supplies $3,000$23,000
Insurance $3,000$18,000
Utility Deposits $2,500$50,000
Business Licenses $300$600
Additional Funds (3 months)$2,500$30,000
Estimated Total $109,500$3,545,800

Variations in initial investment depends on following factors:

  • Real Estate Costs. 
  • Size of outlet. 
  • Construction. 
  • Amount of traffic. 

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Popeyes Franchise Fees

Royalty 5%
Advertising Fee4%
Advertising Co – Op0.5% to $1.75%
Additional Ordering system/. Additional digital system 1%


Popeyes Franchise is a profitable business of fried chicken and offers franchise opportunities. It’s estimated that in the year 2021 the company was able to make $579 million of revenue and a net income of $228 million . In a Popeyes Franchise The investment return is profitable. Popeyes Franchise owners make approximately $312782 annually.

Income statement

Franchise & Property Revenue $2,452
Advertising Revenue $909
Total Revenues$5,739
Operating costs & Expenses
Costs of Sales$1,890
Franchise and Property Expenses $489
Advertising Expenses $962
General & Administrative Expenses $508
Loss from Equity method investment $4
Other operating Expenses, Net$7
Total Operating costs & expenses $3,860
Income from operations $1,879
Interest Expense, Net $505
Loss on Early Extinguishment of Debt$11
Income before, income tax $1,363
Income tax expense $110
Net income $1,253


Like every other food industry the success of the Popeyes Franchise lies in its Menu. Popeyes Franchise offers a limited Menu and keeps searching for new healthy ways to make this limited Menu strong. The Franchise provides an authentic unique New Orleans style menu that the world craves. 

Their menu offers Spicy Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Fried Shrimp, biscuits, seafood and other items. All these chicken variations and other products are refreshing and keep attracting customers. Its menu has always kept foodies engaged by providing rich quality fast food. 

Combo MealsThe sandwich, Signature chicken, Nuggets, Tenders, Seafood 
Featured items Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Classic Chicken Sandwich, 10Pc Signature chicken Bundle, 10Pc Signature chicken Box
Chicken SandwichBlackened Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Classic Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich 
Signature chicken 2Pc Chicken Meal, 3Pc Chicken Meal, 4Pc Chicken Meal, 8Pc Signature chicken Box, 10Pc Signature chicken Bundle, 12Pc Chicken Family Meal, 16Pc Chicken, Family Meal, 16Pc Signature chicken Box 
Tenders3Pc Tenders, 5Pc Tenders, 8Pc Tenders Family Meal, 10Pc Tenders Box, 10Pc Tenders Bundle 
Family MealsFamily Feasts, Signature chicken Family Meals, Tenders Family Meals, Nuggets Family Meal
Seafood¼ Ib Popcorn Shrimp Meal
Nuggets8Pc Nuggets, 12Pc Nuggets, 24Pc Nuggets, 36Pc Nuggets, 48Pc Nuggets, 4Pc Nuggets Kids Meal, 6Pc Nuggets Kids Meal
SidesHomestay Mac & Cheese, Cajun Fries, Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy, Red Beans & Rice, Coleslaw
BeveragesPremium Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Premium Strawberry Lemonade , Coca-Cola, Cane Sweeet Iced Tea, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta Strawberry, Tropicana Lemonade, Diet Coke, Hawaiian Punch , Unsweetened Iced Tea, Fanta Orange, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Seltzer Water, Ginger Ale
DessertsCinnamon Apple Pie
Kids Meal 4Pc Nuggets Kids Meal, 6Pc Nuggets Kids Meal, Mac & Cheese Kids Meal, 1Pc Leg Kid’s Meal 


In order to apply for Popeyes Franchise, you need to complete it online. Fill the details in the form provided by Popeyes Franchise. 

Step by step approval process.

  • Apply Online – Submit your Information. 
  • Discovery Cell – Share your professional background and your aspirations with Popeyes team. 
  • Application Review – QSR operations expertise, background check, business plan, and other documents. 
  • Leadership Team Interview – In-person meetings. 
  • Final Approval – in case you are approved, begin training and site selection. 

In addition to this you can also reach Popeyes Franchising Department at  

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Popeyes is expanding because of its quick service chicken chain of food and other products. They are always looking for interested candidates in order to take  Popeyes far ahead. The quick expansion of Popeyes Franchise speaks everything about its success in the food and beverage industry. It’s a one time offer for you so choose in the best way possible. Its outlets are consistently growing and satisfying the hunger of foodies. Its pure limited menu of quick service of fried chicken and other food and beverage products is making it a favorite spot. Its menu is attracting customers and turning it into a food hub. 

Popeyes Franchise is accessible by clearing initial investment and costs before setting up. Its net profit is growing continuously and its Franchise model ensures the success of outlets. They are dominating in quick service restaurants and are giving tough competition to their competitors. In this era of changing landscape Popeyes Franchise is working hard to enhance the taste of their Menu. Therefore  starting the Popeyes Franchise in the USA  is a big commitment, so be dedicated and give every effort to make your business profitable and worth investing in.


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