How to Get an Xpressbees Franchise in India ?


With so many different industries to choose from, business owners always seek for the one which has an everlasting demand and would never go out of fashion or through any recession period. One such industry is the courier business, it is one of the prominent fields which has a good demand in the market with individuals, businesses, corporate world, warehousing, and so on. The demand for getting a particular parcel or item couriered from one place to another is something that is irreplaceable. However, to start a courier company from scratch is a very difficult job, hence acquiring a Franchise of the same is the best solution. One such brand dealing in the courier industry is Xpressbees Franchise..

Founded by Amitava Saha and Supam Maheswari, Xpressbees came into existence in the year 2015 with the motto of ‘Delivering Happiness’. Many claim that E-commerce is the future of the business world, however, Xpressbees, or rather the team has been dealing and has experience of more than 50 years in the logistics and also E-commerce logistics. Backed by experience, technical expertise, and management Xpressbees franchise deals with more than 70000 Shipments every day.  

The brand is associated with many renowned companies in India which include Myntra, Firstcry, GE, Bajaj Finserv, MI Store, Landmark, Ace Technologies, and so on, this clearly shows their professionalism and the level of dealing. Other than that, the courier brand also provides SDD and NDD, which means Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery, which is very rare with respect to the courier companies. A few of the features of the brand which has earned them such a huge customer brand are their customer support and the reverse logistics.

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Benefits of Acquiring Xpressbees Franchise

In the above parts of the article, we already discussed about the background of the brand and also a few of its benefits. However, there are certain benefits that should be known before acquiring the Franchise of Xpressbees and how it can be useful for your business plan. The various benefits of Xpressbees are as follows. 

  • As any Franchise holder would claim, a major reason behind acquiring a Franchise is to have the advantage of the brand value. Xpressbees, being associated and partnered with so many well-known brand names in India, has developed its own customer base and a renowned name in the market. Hence, being a Franchise owner of the same, the brand name gives you an edge in the market.

  • In the case of courier companies, while acquiring their Franchise, the Franchise holder faces various issues when it comes to acquiring the parcels and delivering them, and further even track them. However, Xpressbees has its own team of experts who handle almost everything from scratch to customer support and reverse logistics.

  • To gain customer’s confidence there should be an efficient and professional tracking system, making things easier. Xpressbees has an amazing tracking system software that is easy to use by all Franchise owners and this helps them in scaling their business even more efficiently.

  • Every business that is based on the Franchise model requires a little bit of marketing or promotion, however, such is not the case if you own an Xpressbees Franchise. The reason behind the same is because all the shipments or orders that you would be receiving comes directly from the brand itself. You do not have to seek for customers, instead, you would be having ready-made customers or rather the deliveries to make as processed by the company.
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Investment Required

Investment is the major concern that is faced by most of the business owners. It is more about if the investment amount matches with the brand value and the services as well as benefits of the brand matching with the same. However, if we talk about Xpressbees Franchise the precise investment amount is not specified by the company. In fact, according to their website and their representatives, the investment amount is only revealed once you contact them through the specified method and in case you are eligible to acquire their Franchise. It is safe to assume that they do not ask for any major investment amount to setup.

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As we mentioned earlier, the investment fee is only disclosed after the brand finds the candidate to be eligible. There are certain requirements that are to be fulfilled before acquiring Xpressbees Franchise. It does not require any special conditions, the same are mentioned as follows.

  • For basics, if we talk about the area requirement for matching the eligibility criteria, then you need to have a space that ranges between 300 to 400 sq. ft. That’s the minimum bar set by the brand, however, the space required for the same can be either owned by you or it can also be rented. But it is recommended to have your own space to get selected.

  • There is no specific mention of how many staff members you require for setting up your business, hence it is safe to assume that the number depends on you as long as you do not tarnish the brand name of the company. Once your space is set up, you are trained by the support team of the brand and are made aware of how the company operates or how you are expected to operate.

  • Lastly, in terms of skills, if you have no experience in this line, you can still apply for the Franchise. They do not have any specific mention as such.
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Application Process

It is easy to contact Xpressbees for acquiring their Franchise. You need to get in touch with their business team for leading the process further. They would share an application link with you for which you would have to fill in the proper details and await their approval. To get in touch with their business team you need to visit their official website which is mentioned below,

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